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True Type Characters

The great majority of scanners comes with at least a program OCR that can be used to extract text of pages printed, substituting itself thus the manual digitao. The main requirement of a OCR software is to offer has supported to the Portuguese language, therefore, in case that contrary, the accented characters will not be recognized, making with that the text presents many errors (MORIMOTO, 2005). The sources True Type used by the text publishers they are recorded in vectorial way, a mathematical description of the curves and lines that compose caracter. This resource allows that the size of the source is modified freely, without loss of quality. One OCR program basically acts comparing the characters escaneados with these graphical sources (MORIMOTO, 2005).

Initially a program OCR starts examining the image the search of the blank spaces and makes a mapping of them, as process is the comparison of each character with the established model of graphical source, having an acceptable percentage of coincidence, then the character he is recognized, however the efficiency of this process depends on a very great similarity between the sources and the digitalizados characters, thus many characters finishes not being recognized, especially characters in italic boldface or. As a process is applied in the not recognized characters, however this process more is detailed, therefore it geometrically analyzes each character, calculating the height, width, and combinations of straight lines, curves and areas blank. Again we use the probability, for example a character in moon form half that continues in the form of a straight line it has great possibilities of being one ' ' d' ' very small however also could be one ' ' b' ' very small, this secondary processing is not delayed since for each not-recognized character it will have some process. A last alternative to recognize unreadable characters, can be individually to show bitmap of each caracter not recognized e, to ask for to the user substitutes who it for the corresponding letter, or then, simply, to use a symbol as , % or # in the place of the character so that the user can correct the error manually later (MORIMOTO, 2005). 6.METODOLOGIA the project will be lead in the UNEMAT? State university of Bar of the Bugres in the Campus of Bar of the Bugres through disciplines of Supervised Period of training, where the research will be divided in some phases.

The first phase will be the survey of the necessary data for the development of the archetype of the applicatory one, where we will carry through research in the OCR area and research on the Android platform. The second phase consists of developing the applicatory one from the data previously searched and studied, the applicatory one it will have that to take care of to the necessary requirements so that it can reach its final objective. The third phase of this project consists of the analysis of the results gotten through the archetype of the applicatory one, where they will be extracted given quantitative and qualifying of the results of the archetype of the applicatory one. In the fourth and last phase the writing of the final report of the project will be made. 7.RISCOS IN the IMPLANTAO/REALIZAO OF the PROJECT the Android platform is a new platform and brings a new concept of programming for mobile devices, however the lack of sources of consultations, and the scarcity of didactic material in the library of the Campus, as well as in web, represents a risk for the implantation of this project.

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