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E-learning, or e-learning in Russia is growing in its development. Is there an e-learning, as a form of learning? Is it right to use this, borrowed from the English term? The answers to these questions, we try to give in this article. The problem, in fact, important and not so simple as it might seem at first sight. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Asaro here. Try to understand what was going on, and at least a first approximation to identify ways of its possible solutions. elearning (Cut from the English. Electronic Learning). Question number 1 Is it correct to use the term elearning? In our view, such a term can not be used.

For there can be an electronic learning, as well as a proton or neutron. The adjective 'e' – superfluous. Apply blade OCAM. There remains only the term 'training'. Some may object to me, saying why the phrase translated from English into Russian, let's say, will use the term 'elearning', and no problems! C this view I beg to differ. Since we all Russian people, and involve certain terms of the West without a translation and a critical attitude to them we should not. Question number 2 Is there such a form of education, as elearning, or No? Here I note two major trends. Some specialists believe that there is really elearning byt.Tut not argue, and it is and that's enough! We dwell in more detail on the second point of view, which I am a carrier.

Elearning no and can not be. Since there is EDUCATION, is its form, is medium of instruction. The so-called major and elearning are the leading media information technology. Is it any advantage due to information technology as a means rename training in elearning? I think not. For example, in-person training, we can easily use the Internet or multimedia, but it is not getting any special! In distance learning things the same way.

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