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Sound Transmission

If necessary, equipment for sound transmission in IP-based networks can be used flexibly. A simple example should be done directly with the inclusion of some events where there is no way to connect the optics, or at least ADSL. And s idea this is meaningless if you want to include the entire na few hours, and then just leave. Of course, you can make a report with a call on his mobile phone but on any capacity in this scenario can be forgotten. None solution is less. Why not use the mobile Internet (GPRS/3G/iMax/WiFi) to connect to internetseti and signal transmission in tsetraliuyu hardware? Using efficient data compression algorithms at the speed of the upstream 40 … 50 kbit / s can transmit live coverage of pretty good quality.

At a speed of 100 kbit / s it can also be done in stereo. Let's not forget about such a task, such as monitoring. Suppose you have a central hardware, which produces a software product, but the transmitter is located in a neighboring town, country or even on another continent. Receive a signal from the air loop is no technical possibility. How do listen to what aired? It's simple! Installed radio, its output is connected to the input of IP-coder, which in turn is digitized and compressed signal is transmitted to your head office.

In the office, put the IP-decoder, the output of which connect the speakers. Of course, in both places to connect IP-equipment must be connected to the Internet, that at the moment is not a problem in not very large cities. The result is a full audio monitoring with delay of only a few seconds. Solve the same problem by other means and for less money will be extremely difficult. There are other examples of IP-technology: the organization audio conferencing, sound entertainment centers, or alarm. Let us try to describe the features and functions that are worth paying attention to when choosing a particular model of equipment for audio.

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