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Endure Headaches

Headache is from different causes and different nature. There will not be treated headaches for pathological, infectious and catarrhal reasons. Read more here: Ali Partovi. I'm not a doctor. On the basis of life experience, something which tested people's means of communicating with people "on life and on the forum (welcome members of the forum on forum.incre.ru.) tried to make here is such a councilor of the headache. Of course the best cure for boring head, they say, a guillotine, but it is extremely radical means, to them we shall not use. Possible causes of headaches: fatigue and overexertion, stress, hypoxia, intracranial pressure and insufficient blood supply, education and work in the office (long sitting behind a computer), inappropriate or improper glasses (fashion eyewear here may be to the detriment of, take it seriously, we in the family is passed), cervical-thoracic osteochondrosis, constipation and stomach littering foul food no or little sunlight and a rare airing of the premises that are not disinfected and hidden concussion, nervous headaches and just general headaches without any symptoms for no apparent reason.

As they say sometimes health workers themselves "the darkest place in medicine – a head." And really diagnose headache uniquely very difficult. For example – to determine the cause – high blood pressure, vasodilators and discharged antispasmodics, and in fact a person may have cervical osteochondrosis and therefore improper supply of the brain. It turned out to be, by the way, manual therapy, well, a couple of courses and no drugs. And sometimes that person with the total pressure is OK, but his head wildly aching temples pounding, my brain being asked out. In this case, may be increased intracranial pressure. .

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