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Energy Efficiency: A Practical Approach

However, this requires serious reform of municipal complex. Charles Schwab is likely to increase your knowledge. Unfortunately, in many structures, the industry still dominate the economic stereotypes of the recent past. These are what are the main obstacle to change. Instead, in order to optimize use of available resources, we continue to explore new inertia power, and forcing himself into the energy stalemate. Nevertheless, already clearly there has been an opposite trend. In some regions, and municipalities have begun to think seriously about reducing the internal costs of utilities and energy savings, as priorities in the development of industry. One illustrative example – a program of modernization of heating systems of residential buildings proposed by the leadership of mup "Heating networks Gatchina (Leningrad oblast).

A fresh look Gatchina – a city with almost 100000th population, which is constantly growing. gain more knowledge.. It is not surprising that the needs of residents in communal resources, including district heating, is also increasing every year. However, power held by local Heat Supply organization, are not limitless, and the expansion of the heating infrastructure requires substantial investment. "We were in a difficult situation, – said the chief engineer dh Vladimir Sharabakin. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Asaro . – Urban Communications were established long ago and were not designed for modern loads. To ensure full heat to all subscribers of the downtown area, should be changed main pipe to increase the capacity of heating. Money for all this to us as a municipal entity, to take no place. At the same time, our calculations show that the heat, supplied to consumers, to put it mildly, inefficiently used, especially in the offseason.

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