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One of biggest the concern that must comumente guide the work of the professor in average education is not to release extension of content and yes as these same contents are being shared between the pupils so that they acquire the necessary information for education learning. In such a way the educator must create strategies and possibilities that the pupil helps to not only understand the particular reality of the applied subject, but also the reality of the context of the society that the same is inserted. Focusing this structure what one perceives it is that one of the main objectives of the educational system is to endow a pupil with abilities and abilities, with these tools if it considers that educating either capable to formulate and to select its proper ideas to decide situations faced in its daily one. These same situations must leave of the experiences lived for the pupils throughout its lives, today already not if they can present scientific contents disentailed of the knowledge contemporary of the pupil. However what contemporary praises itself today in the times it is that if they cannot organize contents forgetting the environment who the pupil lives, therefore very even so the concepts well are structuralized, but if it will not have the face of the pupil you are welcome will advance these elaborated concepts so. In the new times, the pupils must have the chance to observe, to analyze the main interactions directed toward the biological communities and the physical and chemical element that the balance of the ecosystem forms. In short the main paper of the educator in average education is to take the pupils to reflect on the transformation of the human beings in the environment where it lives, therefore to the measure that the human beings advance they cause certain discomfort in the space system. In these circumstances, the important one is to develop activities that the practical one of the abilities longs for of the pupil and abilities establishing a connection also enters the knowledge learned throughout its social lives and the technological knowledge scientific.

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