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This article deals with the civil construction from cares with aecologia, in special, constructing an ecological house, without still attacking omeio surrounding and using to advantage residues and rubbish, or materialreciclado. Contact information is here: Michael Dell. Our general objective is to investigate the materialreciclado use of in the construction of houses and habitations, as well as identifying quetipos of recycled materials decasas and habitations can be used in the construction; to know recycling techniques that can help to naconstruo of houses and habitations; to contribute for the debate entretericos and searching of the subject; to discover that types of materiaispodem to serve of substance cousin in the recycling for the civil construction denovas houses and habitations. Our strategy of the research was empricabibliogrfica, making possible the study of the considered subject to break daanlise of different authors and diverse bibliographical sources. Bibliographical Apesquisa assisted the reflection on the diferentesperspectivas of the construction of houses with recycled material. After this, will be made the analysis and interpretation of the gotten results, atravsdos adopted theoretical referenciais. With the crossing of the data, serpossvel to contextualizar the subject that deals with the construction of houses ehabitaes with recycled material. Currently with this ambient crisis, the world-wide concern this directed toward the environment, mainly the relation of the man with the nature, pollutant relation lixos, gases, companies and others. These problems are taking dimensions considerable, therefore the man this perceiving that it is if becoming a threat for the planet and the proper species, it uncontrols for it and abuse of the exploration of the natural sources. Of this form the administration, for giving subsidies that evidence the changes in the patrimony of the company, has the capacity of assisting the managers in the conseguimento of the economic-sustainable increment (PAIVA 2007). The Environment in many situations is considered as the set of natural resources and its Inter-relations with the beings livings creature, being common to associate this everything only to the call ' ' verde' ' of the landscape, the nature and wild life, forgetting them resources livings creature known currently.

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