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Epidaurus Those

Much more poor is in my opinion the Freudian catalog everything reduced penises, vulvas, intercourse and incest. The onirocritica required specialists, that is why in every temple of Hellas had an initiate in the oneiric mysteries who attended that business exclusively as that had the Aslepios Temple in Epidaurus where patients were acostaban to incubate a dream in an abaton. The word incubate is derived from the Greek incubare which means sleeping in the temple; in the best of cases the sick healed through the Epiphany of Aslepios which appeared in dreams to the Snooze, in the form of a venerable old man, or his metamorphosis of Viper, Eagle, or dog. Anyone could be admitted less the dying and the pregnant to term, since both the birth and death were considered impurities which had to preserve the sacred precinct. As already is It can be seen with these simple facts, these Greek clinics shrewd doctors and their fees, the prepaid and coinsurance. In addition the Hypnotherapy lasted little, in the majority of cases not reached week; those who are habituated to the fanum or temple were fanatics called and the community did not encourage these unhealthy habits, same thing believed my father of the old santularias who lived in the parish of the District: those Harpies delivered meat to the devil and now that they are old and decrepitas bring the bones to God, she said. Dream of the men in the Iliad and the Odyssey, the women. Perhaps Homer is telling us that the field conditions dreams; the epic of the plethoric Iliad of military and contentions required warriors sonorants while the modesty of the desire of Odysseus that throughout the play longs to return to the privacy of the home in the long-awaited Ithaca, facilitates the dream of women who they say goodbye or expect it, which is the same.

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