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If you’re asking if it is than Isagenix international is a fraud or not here you will find the answer. You will also discover if it is that Isagenix represents a good business opportunity for you that you live in Mexico. Ojo!, I’m not part of Isagenix, nor have any interest in this company in particular. So yes I have interest is to improve the image of the multilevel Marketing, and for that I give you objective information that helps you to distinguish between a legitimate company and a fraud or a pyramid. Isagenix is a company that distributes nutritional supplements with a direct sales system called Network Marketing. This company was founded in 2002 in the United States and went to Mexico a year ago, this being the first country in which ventures in Latin America. OK, but Isagenix is a fraud or a pyramid? The short answer is: NO. There are some questions you can ask to distinguish between a legitimate company and a pyramid or a fraud.

Does the company offers you a product or service in exchange for your money? There are people who would buy that product or service even if they are not within the network? Can you sell that product/service at a competitive price and stay with a gain? Profits come primarily from the sale of products/services and not of the income of new people? If you answer NO to any of the above questions, it is not a legitimate MLM company. Isagenix offers products with a great demand in the market that the Distributor can re-selling at a competitive price and stay with a gain. Is Isagenix Mexico a good MLM business opportunity? To answer this question, there are some features that you should know to evaluate in a MLM company, these characteristics are: it is a solid company with good corporate leadership, i.e., it is a company that will not disappear by a mishandling of the same? One of the things that I liked the most about Isagenix is the corporate leadership of the same.

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