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EU Funded Extermination Of The Red Tuna

EU fishing fleets bought 34.5 million subsidies for the extermination of the red tuna after the parliamentary inquiry of a Spanish MEP EU fisheries Commissioner Joe had to put Borg embarrassing numbers on the table: flowed from 2000 to 2008 34.5 million euros in the expansion of tuna fishing fleets, although scientists and sea protection organizations (Thunnus thynnus) warning for years from imminent extinction of the blue fin tuna which majestic species. The extent of subsidies is”shocking, said Raul Romeva i Rueda, a member of the Green Group in the European Parliament. The figures expose the hypocrisy of the EU, you can’t protect fish stocks where it further expands at the same time already oversized fishing fleets.” Experts assume that the populations of the red tuna are fused together on one-quarter of its original size since 1995, where the majority of the losses took place since 2002. An analysis of population stocks showed in April 2009 and the existing number of reproductive animals, bluefin, if not change the degree of exploitation will be eradicated by the year 2012. Blauflossenthune don’t end up like the red tuna in the can, they are far too precious. Of the many different species of tuna, the tuna canning industry uses predominantly (Katsuwonus pelamis) Skipjack.

It is a robust, is quickly able type, which is not threatened by the current level of fishing. The bulk of the global catch of bluefin tuna ends up in Japan, but bluefin tuna as fresh fish for sushi or sashimi is very popular in the United States and Europe. Grant King is Spain, which received more than half of the 34.5 million, followed by France and Italy, Cyprus, Malta, and Greece. With paid 23 million euros for the construction of new fishing vessels, including State of the art ring fishing trawler Wade, whose Netz has a capacity of 100 tonnes of fish train. To the modernization of fishing boats, in particular for technical upgrading to the Detection of tuna shoals, paid the EU in eight years over 10 million euros. On the other hand is the very modest sum of 1 million euros, which was used for the decommissioning and scrapping of fishing boats.

Usually this however were smaller and locally used boats. So, the overcapacity of the EU fishing fleets over the years could assume grotesque proportions. According to the EU Commission, is the current fishing capacity in the Mediterranean almost 22,000 tons of tuna per year and is thus almost twice as high as that of the EU for 2009 set tuna catch quota, which stands at 12,400 tonnes. The now disclosed figures reflect but still not the total extent of all subsidies for the tuna fishing fleets. National subsidies that correspond in many countries of the amount of EU subsidies must be added to the payments from Brussels. If the EU, as announced, now actually consistently cuts excess, money will flow again, and a lot of money. For the So to speak, an EU license to the money print it owner which is catching fleets. Only be their vessels from EU funds paid Thun, then, after their highly profitable extermination campaign against the reds and they get tens of thousands of dolphins killed as bycatch, sharks, sea turtles and other marine animals, again subsidies from Brussels so that has become now unnecessary due to lack of tuna fishing boats be mothballed or scrapped”, illustrates the society to save the dolphins from Munich. Ulrich Karlowski

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