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With E-learning, trainer of cogni.net can staff specifically in the E-learning topic prominently in the occupational education and training. Many employees have reservations, but what concerns this form of learning. Coach allows E-learning employees acquire not only basic knowledge on the subject; the motivation for the use of E-learning can be increased through the increase of self learning and individual responsibility. The E-learning coach is therefore suitable for companies wishing to introduce new E-learning or to increase the acceptance of existing E-learning. In the E-learning coach will proceed in three steps. First, the Anwender must define its objectives and receives a recommendation of the relevant modules.

In the second part, the user learns dealing with E-learning, the learning software on CD-ROM about blended learning to the communication in the online team. To secure the transfer in the profession, in the third part the user created his individual planning for self-directed and team-oriented E-learning. The E-learning Trainer involves many motivational elements of serious gaming. Makes learning more fun, you can better remember the newly acquired knowledge and faster reach the learning. cogni.NET developed this model of E-learning on behalf of many companies for a wide variety of topics.

There are several ways in which E-learning can be used to coach. Due to the SCORM compatibility, the integration in learning management just systems. Direct calling via a Web server is possible, so that companies without E-learning the program can simply launch infrastructure. Another option is the immediate use by hosting on servers by cogni.

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