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The exercise of the power is the way in which somebody acts more on somebody. The violence is the most primitive form to be able, nevertheless must the individual have freedom so that it is possible to be said that he is exerting himself to be able envelope, the freedom is a conditional one for the existence of the power. Such thing does not exist as a society without relations of being able, is in their roots and these carry out strategies to obtain winning solutions to the problems that afflict to the same. Previously it explained that so that the power exists, the individual must be free, nevertheless so that the policy has his impact must be possessing of a force. All the people we made decisions on a daily basis, then What is what does to the so well-known policy? , the answer is its force.

A political personage if he does not own any force, strongpoint or influence on the listeners and voters never will come to the light, could even be stopped to him calling politician. For assistance, try visiting Robotics expert . As Peter P. Nicholson says in the policy and the force: What policies to the actions do of the government, is not that they are general and that they can affect or they affect to all the society the distinguishing mark of a political action is that its fulfillment, since the government can force people to obey by means of the threat of the physical force, and in last instance of its use can be forced. 2 Under these assumptions it would be reasonable that the individuals did not want to live under the mandate of a political government since what decides the government is what we are forced to do, or to have, whether we like as if we do not like, but are the same government who provides all type to him of services and it is in charge to defend to citizens in case of an aggression of the outside, therefore the individuals by nature prefer to stay in groups that, by consequence, are governed by a political power. Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes shines more light on the discussion.

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