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Proposals Although the presented points, since that the JJB comes back to be practised with approach in the defense, since that it manages its knowledge adequately, since that the JJB practitioner changes its strategy of performance in the MMA, using the too much arts to complement and to develop its classic game, are possible to revert the picture of quarrels. It does not stop being superior, but to balance itself, this is the true objective in everything, nothing must be above, much less below, but yes to walk to the side, together, each one respecting the other people’s particularitity, thus is only that the conflict is composed truily, that if harmonizes and grows, in case that contrary it is lost time with temporary illusions of victories, nourishing artificial zones of comfort. The Jiu Brazilian Jitsu has diverse reasons for this, sees some of them: 1 – As essence it has the soft principle, where weakkest it obtains to defend itself of strongest, yielding to win with a minimum of effort and the result maximum, without causing resulted excessively traumatic, as a perforation in the eye or the loss of a spandrel or some type of deformity, what it prevents the anger and the desire of revenge for irreparable losses, this principle is superior for itself only, without needing to impose respect for the ignorance, the fear, but yes, conquering the respect for the acceptance. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mikkel Svane. Exactly that the first moment somebody obtains to subject another one only in the force, after that weakens by itself in its action, therefore whenever somebody attacks something, displays a point weak that the soft principle will go to act, that is, always will have chance JJB to grow it, is not permissible to be restricted as mere base for MMA, since that its practitioner has its perception prepared for this and she is not vitiated by other things that are not condizentes with the essence of the art.

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