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FABI Remuneration

Recognition of performance secures the lead with FABI’s compensation management you can narrow down your own remuneration strategy from those of your competitors. At the same time, you can reach a high level of flexibility, control and efficiency. The strategic planning of the pay reflects your corporate culture and remuneration strategies. She are your managers within a flexibly controlled budget system tools at your fingertips. With the compensation management, you can control your effective spending.

You can offer a competitive and motivational remuneration your sales partners all equal, whether fixed or variable salary, performance-related remuneration for sales or team Commission. You can also create projections to examine how changes in the Commission system affect the sales figures. You can via the flexible Commission settlement plan fees at executive level and manage, plan payments within budget limits and manage and define pay grades and salary structures. Calculate salary increases and bonuses that you can grant General or according to the remuneration policy and the eligibility criteria. While you can grant individual allowances individual distributors, manually override the default compensation. In addition offered information to sales partners support and thereby facilitate the decision-making.

Of FABI’s FABI’s powerful solutions since 1988 for the Commission calculation and organization of sales representatives. Sales organizations of from diverse industries belong to the users. FABI’s made practical analysis, design, software development, adaptation and introduction of a hand. With current Java technology, the FABI’s accessible modules over the Internet. Home Office and support of sales are realised. The systems can be rented as a software as a service (SaS).

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