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macmon secure advocates a significant rethink in the alignment of security infrastructures IT security proves although recurring theme in companies and institutions, an adequate appreciation for the decision makers is however usually not associated with. For Christian Bucker, Managing Director of macmon secure GmbH, this discrepancy results last but not least, that the previous concepts too much on individual solutions were focused and were thought to be too complicated at the technical level of realization. We need to bring much closer this topic to people, by making simple, integrated, and also economic as a result, security technology and security strategies”, he pleads for clear thinking on the part of the user. These estimates are the result of a variety of project experiences, from which it has derived six guidelines for smart security strategies: 1 integrated thinking: in the practice of companies and authorities, security planning occur often with a focus ad hoc problem-solving instead. As a consequence it is common to the implementation of individual solutions, the is on the one hand difficult or merge only with great effort of the project allow. On the other hand, subtle security vulnerabilities can hide in the interplay of the different island solutions.

Therefore belongs to intelligent strategies in IT security, comprehensive and integrated to create the security concepts rather than to act in the dimension of gated single requests. This enables significant performance potential, which are even at conservative consideration in the magnitude of over 50 percent. 2. Integrated Act: one collectively and integrated applied security roadmap only their claim satisfies, if reflected its fundamental principles also level the concrete realization. This means that in deriving the concepts across landscaped solutions must be used, which are characterized by their integrative performance profile. This means, for example, that is a NAC solution easily must allow to connect with anti-virus software or the participating systems must offer ready-made interfaces for a software-based IT emergency planning or other complementary security solutions.

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