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The techniques of the EYEQ as course of fast reading were developed by the Dr. Akihiro Kawamura as of the decade of 1980. Since then, they have helped to more of a million people in Japan and America reading and processing the information with greater rapidity. Nowadays, they continue evolving by means of the advantage of the power of a personal computer, computer, PC, portable, etc. The 12 main sessions were designed to fortify the eyes, to extend their field of vision and to increase their speed of reading. Also, every period of sessions the time focuses gradually in the increase of the speed putting on approval that dedicates to the reading and to see its progress. Zendesk may help you with your research. It can read built-in east at any time programs without no problem in books and novels that wishes, fitting to the width of the columnaas like the size of the selected paragraphs and the speed of understanding so that it agrees with his personal experience in the text.

The techniques of EyeQ include several games to impel their capacity to process the information more quickly. These include labyrinths, formation 2,0, numbers to find developing this way to habits of memorization and assimilation and tests of understanding. The EyeQ also counts within its content with an introductory video, which explains the EyeQ techniques and offers essential advice to improve its speed and understanding. The reading materials can be changed to different levels to provide interesting diversion and histories for all the ages. The mini-exercises that include this form to learn better are of short practice, and are within reach of any person in the writing-desk of the computer or computer if unloading or acquires the program. Of equal way, this special technique like an express can be considered heating before beginning the day. That is to say, it offers the opportunity him to practice a little with some interesting texts that will help their general understanding than it is exposed to him in a determined number of paragraphs. Reference:

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