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Online Theater, Or All Just Theater ?

With the development of technology, cinema is still not lost their relevance even today. Online Movies and dvd discs and could not displace ordinary theater as a place of rest of the group of people But back to the question what about if time to go see a movie on the big screen, no? For this to us and useful technological progress, which gives us the ability to watch movies online or on dvd discs. Since coming to work, you'll want to see what a new film, but you are tired do not go sit 2 hours in the cinema (since you are just tired of elementary). To do this, you just open a website with watching movies online. So online cinema found its niche and its consumers, but also displace conventional theaters yet they did not succeed. There are a couple of factors that simply do not allow to happen to this event: 1. need, somewhere to meet friends 2. Copyrights Online cinemas are not buying the right to rent this movie 3. Quality watch movies 4. Popcorn is still more accustomed to the cinema (just kidding of course, but still). It turns out that the online movie theaters and regular theaters virtually no competitors to each other and compare their thankless task, because each species has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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