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Researchers arrive esteem that 70% of the injuries and traumas suffered for the old ones do not appear to the statisticians. In our country, he has 93 a thousand aged ones that they intern themselves per year because of falls (53%), violncias and aggressions (27%) and traffic accidents (20%). Made partial studies in the country show that the majority of the complaints of the aged ones is against children, grandsons or conjugate and others 7% if they relate to other relatives. The denunciations directed to the Public prosecution service of Brazil, emphasize in first place economic abuses, as attempts of appropriation of the goods of aged or the abandonment material committed against it. In according to place, physical aggressions and in third, refuse of the familiar ones in giving protection to them.

The majority of the physical violncias committed by the children is associated alcoholism, of proper them or the aged parents. With respect to the especificidade of sort, all the inquiries show that, in the interior of the house, the women, proportionally, more are abused than the men. E, in contrast, in the street, them is the preferential victims. In both the sexos, aged the most vulnerable ones are the physical or mental dependents, over all when they present problems of esquecimento, mental confusion, alterations in sleep, incontinence and difficulties of locomotion, needing intensive cares in its activities of the daily life. Data of the Federal Public prosecution service. In consequence of maltreatment, many aged ones start to feel depression, alienation, clutter after traumatic, feelings of guilt and negation of occurrences situations vitimam that them to live in hopelessness. Therefore, she is necessary to reaffirm that to speak of violence it is to fortify established politics, for example, for the statute of the aged one, that we want to see fulfilled each time more. Thus, enough legal and normative devices for the enfretamento of the violence exist today, as well as go if implanting strategies of protection with the National and local Advice of rights of the aged ones, ' ' SOS-IDOSO' ' , ' ' IT BINDS – IDOSO' ' many others.

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