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Michel Foucault

To give to dexterous account discursiva tram, Durval Muniz chooses the arqueogenealgico method and some sources to problematizar the discursivo effect of modernity in the imaginary one of the patriarcal society. Credit: Douglas R. Oberhelman-2011. In this direction the author if uses of an extensive documentary body that includes the press, periodicals, literature, cronistas and folcloristas, particularly a critical analysis on the workmanship of Gilbert Freyre, making a historiogrfica analysis, allowing the discovery of other subjetividades until then little visible. Its secular clipping occurs enters the decades of 1920 and 1940 of century XX, recouping a mosaic of small references esparsas with which it dialogues in the coast and the hinterland, the cities and the northeast interior, bringing tona what he was submerged. On the other hand inspired in Michel Foucault it analyzes the discursivas constructions that had constituted a masculine figure in this field of force between modernity and the tradition. That is, it analyzes the way as knowing if he makes use, he goes if constituting, manufacturing subjects and producing truths. Therefore, Durval Muniz thinking with Foucault discloses about them that what was taken as evident and natural biological he was one to know produced that it occupies a place and it possesss a mark. Therefore we come across in them in its text with critical, transformations and even though ' ' destruies' ' of one to know that it are constructed as only truth. In short, Durval Muniz denounces the relation between truth, to know and to be able, desestabilizando, of this form evidences, and giving them visibility to other possibilities, other dimensions. Based on this foucaltiano epistemolgico cut the author defines the objective of its work, operating in two registers; to the level of the strategies (to know produced) that they had defined a form of being for the northeastern, a visibility and a dizibilidade; to the level of practical the daily ones of the men in this space, to manipulate, to use, to modify these strategies.

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