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Fit With Nordic Walking – Trainings And Courses Starting In September In Gelsenkirchen

“Advantages of Nordic walking classes starting in September in Gelsenkirchen and Buer Reken Nordic walking is much more than walking with sticks”! With the right technique becomes an effective training sport which has what it takes. In the courses of diploma of sport and movement therapist Beate splendor you learn the technique of this popular sport by health insurance financed. The courses are held in Gelsenkirchen and Buer Reken. Technology & training features through the use of Nordic walking sticks and with the appropriate technology, training, in which the muscles of the upper body is also claimed is a simple walking. So are the back, abdominal, arm, shoulder; Buttocks – and also the hand muscles involved in the training. The Nordic walking training supports in addition the own body feeling, the motor skills and harmonizes the entire movement.

The training effect is all the greater, the more intense the floor usage is implemented. You train this approximately 90% of their total muscle at only a workout! That makes Nordic walking as a sport for performance-oriented athletes just as interesting as for untrained people. Through the active use of the stock, turn so to speak by the Zweirad-to the four-wheel drive. This high training effect you can reach at little sports in a single training(!) a swimming workout can be still similarly effective if all Schwimmstile are running. Unlike as in swimming, can run for it anywhere, regardless Nordic walking from opening hours. As a result, you remain independent and mobile. Course Director instructor, Beate splendor, is a Nordic Walking trainer with many years of experience. Even with health insurance, she is recognized as diploma sports scientist, teacher and sports and movement therapist.

Thus, their rates are subsidized i.d.Regel of the funds in part to 100%. recognition for health insurance are the three courses in Reken, Gelsenkirchen and Buer of the AOK, advertised and organized. Of course you can participate even if you are not insured at the AOK. * Almost all health insurance companies will refund the course fees, sometimes up to 100%, usually 75%. This serves the 12 evenings of the course only about 21 euros. One call to your Office for accurate information about the grant. Members of AOK can by plan completely free to take part just requests, login and you’re done. You can contact contact for questions to at any time also directly us and the course instructor. We like to help you.

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