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Sandwich Panels

New technologies in building ever allow to achieve ever greater results in less time, with smaller budgets. These methods of construction of buildings is the use of technology sandwich panels. This particular building material, consisting of three layers: two of them – sheet metal, the third, which lies between them – gasket. Through this panel design is obtained very light in weight, therefore, the structure, erected in use, will be easy and will not require a thorough, expensive foundation. Installation of panels is simple, requires no special equipment, rather just a few people, with the rate of construction is just phenomenal compared to the "classic" material.

The distinctive characteristics of the sandwich panels can be considered: 1. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mikkel Svane. insulation. 2.Prostota and speed assembly. 3.Legkost design. 4.

safety of the building constructed of panels. 5.Ekologichnost material. 6.Otsutstvie appropriate exterior and interior of the building. 7.Dlitelny life. 8. construction buildings in cold or hot weather, temperature and humidity do not affect the material. Despite the apparent high cost of panels, they allow you to build a truly fast and inexpensive.

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