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Flairdent Dental Technology

Dental technology is flair-dent Friday from immediately an AOKplus dental laboratory in Lower Saxony PHS Sottrum – 2008 – now every patient at price and warranty can benefit doubly: thanks to flair-dent and AOKplus! Exclusively for all its members AOK Lower Saxony concluded a cooperation agreement with flair-dent dental technology from Sottrum. This offers many advantages and benefits to members and their families. AOK-insured will receive on presentation of their card in the cooperation partner flair-dent dental special offers, discounts or perks. Since the right advantage of this will be for everyone!”so the AOK itself. If so a patient make his dentures in the AOKplus dental laboratory and flair-dent dental technology, savings on normal in Lower Saxony laboratory rates with the exception of the Edelmatallkosten met with this up to 65%.

This is only possible because flair-dent dental labs produce all dental work in the own master laboratory abroad. All works are made by dental technician masters and also in Germany closely examined by dental technicians masters, before handing over to the dentist of the patient, in a final inspection. Be sure that we make a special offer for them and they get a high-quality tooth replacement.”says Managing Director Matthias finches. In addition the AOKplus dental laboratory granted flair-dent dental technology each patient a documentary guaranteed warranty on the laboratory services by 5 years, instead of the usual two years. This is a clear sign of the quality of the restoration.

If a patient does not automatically receives these prices at his dentist, he should ask the dentist to make flair-dent dental work in the AOKplus dental laboratory. The patient has the right to high-quality and at the same time affordable dentures. Flair-dent dental technology offers this service with many years of experience. Henning Luers – PHS

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