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Nanotechnological Base

Nano sealing for any surfaces / materials from the industry across the entire commercial area up to the retail demand for nano sealings for all kinds of surfaces. Use-related effects causing damage. You want to protect the surfaces/materials from these influences. The surface sealing results following application: longer, visible clean easy-care surfaces protective weather protection value preservation non-stick properties are seals based on Nano ultrdunne liquids, which are not visible. Samsung recognizes the significance of this. They are chemically and mechanically resistant and impact resistant. The Nano sealers are UV, heat and frost. A sealing effect on nanobasis as follows: nanoparticle molecular join forces underground. The so refined surface reacts to water – and stain-resistant.

This is called the “Lotus effect”. This means that water rolls off in the form of drops and doing any dirt particles with be worn. The seal provides invisible moisture protection – inside and outside. The Nano sealer is a fixed connection with the respective surfaces. The composition of the various seals are best agbestimmt on the surfaces, as well as their material properties. Nano sealing can be obtained for the following surfaces / materials: chrome & stainless steel & ceramic textile / leather / wood / soil plastic paint for more product information visit the website we are pleased about your visit and are available for all questions available!

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