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this guilt it culminates ahead in a feeling of deep inadequao of the life, therefore it comes folloied of the autopunio and autopiedade, generating a depressive state in the person. It takes it to the autopunio to find that it does not deserve to be happy, that has that to suffer to pay the committed delict. This thought leads to the depression, that functions as a sentence, in which the proper person if imposes the penalty. With this attitude it finds victim of the circumstances, as if the world she conspired against it and if she still feels more unhappy, feeling a guilt still bigger. It falls in a vicious circle of guilt, autopunio and autopiedade. According to psychoanalytic Charles Melman, nowadays, the young looks div nopelo fact to restrain its desires mainly, but because they do not know what they desire.

The Freud is a total original situation in relation. Before, the person appealed to the psychoanalysis because she did not dare to carry through its desires. Today, mainly in the case of the young, she is for not knowing what to desire. We live in a society where the normal one capsized pathological. Today, the word of the moment estresse is it.

Everybody lives estressado. It is the transit, she is the head whom it charges very, it is the money lack, it is the time lack, it is the threat of the unemployment, it is the violence, and for it goes there. An instrument that was developed throughout the evolution to assist the man to act at moments of extreme threat, today was changedded into one of its enemy greaters. It estresse it had in the primitive man the function to prepare it to face the perigos, unchaining automatically physiological mechanisms that prepared the body to react; to fight or to run away. Today, we do not have more feras terrible that they threatened in them, but these mechanisms continue being gone off to each time that we are submitted to a tension moment.

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