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Improves the quality, effective against Legionella, lime, rust and germs. Parsberg, November 10, 2008 that puts company signo Duno with a sophisticated metal in the form of ring-new standards in the frequency. The high-tech product from aluminium recorded frequencies of liquids on a storage material alloy consisting of the semi-metal silicon using laser technology. At the same time improved vibration transmitted that the liquids, optimize the quality of drinking water, impact against scale and rust. SIGNO-AQA: Water is the most important food. If the water supply system and the House pipes are old or in the desolate condition, drinking water leaves traces of contaminants, lime, and rust particles. As a result, the water quality deteriorated.

Water is treated with the ring SIGNO AQA”in a completely new way against pollution. Based on frequency transmission, spreading faster than the speed of the flow, limestone is mined in the pipe system, countered the existing rust to the formation of rust, rinsed, cleaned the water and improve the quality of the supply water. Advantage: SIGNO AQA works 365 days a year 24 hours a day at standing and running water. The ring reduces and dissolves lime, rust and dirt deposits in pipes and reduces limescale deposits on faucets in washing and dishwashing machines. Also less limestone deposited through the ring on flushing and sinks and Jet controls, eliminates the rare Polish, because the brightness of stainless steel fittings over a longer period remains and is more intense. Kitchen and bathroom faucets and appliances remain thus longer work.

The taste of water is significantly improved and relaxed the water surface, which noticeably softer feel in the shower water. The ring can be used in all private homes, public buildings and business trade such as hospitals, retirement homes, hotel and catering facilities, butcher’s shops, bakeries u.v.m. Ideal applicable also for swimming pools and hot tubs, reducing the use of chlorine. The SIGNO-AQA-ring thus contributes to the health of man and machine. Screw the two ring halves apart, wrap the water pipe in the put on site with tape, put the ring on the water inlet pipe, fix it with two screws and you’re done. The company SIGNO DUNO is an innovative sales company, that is active since the 1980s in the HVAC and plumbing sector. “With the knowledge from over 20 years of practical experience 2002 defined the company the water treatment unit” new. Medium frequency technology was doing an absolute top product in the field of water treatment developed and perfected, which stores the frequencies and vibrations on a ring-medium. Two new ring systems were developed in the areas of fuel, oil – and gas-saving due to the many satisfied customers and demands on energy and cost-saving products. Ten years warranty for all products offered on the functional capability.

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