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Notebook Strategy

I will lane change now! From desire to reality it happens again and again, to suddenly be a tangible problem or even a crisis over. Whether business or private – such situations raise often stress, stress, insecurity and helplessness, because a solution seems difficult or even impossible. Is that I heard from immediately the past on, because the book of lane-changing – now it”in the future with much panache, the demands of everyday life. The orator and author Oliver Gross has his latest book from the proven diary writing and a simple notebook created a tool that systematically guide in the search for solutions and accompanied. The system is as simple as it is ingenious! Four fictitious experts the thinker, the critic, the makers and the mentor do an interview of kind of with the reader, with the systematic questions of experts help step by step with the self and the problem to be solved apart to put up. The notebook strategy helps, answers in writing to fix and provides in addition to the solutions – such as self – a professional reasoning, to the change to confidently represent optimization or solution to others. Reading Oliver Gross lane change now do I it Softcover: 165 pages Publisher: Businessvillage. Edition: 1st Edition. (Sept 2009) Language: German with Amazon order now ISBN-10: 3938358890 ISBN-13: 978-3938358894! rhetorikhaus

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