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Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel

In the North of Hamburg the capital investment and real estate specialist PROJECT for his currently in placing real estate funds real values has acquired a further plot 11 and 12. Bamberg, 27.11.2013: The object has a sales volume of EUR 11.6 million. In the Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel, 25 well equipped condos with as many underground parking spaces arise in the context of the new building of an apartment building with three floors and a floor of the season. The plot Heschredder 7 with a total of 1,802 m2 is currently a three-storey post office building that will be demolished during the residential real estate development in the coming year. The planned new building has a closed trapezoidal shape with courtyard area as the land cut. The result is a housing area of 2233 total m2. Heschredder 7 is the 37th object, the PROJECT currently in the defined five Metropolitan Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg and Munich on full equity capital base developed.

At the same time it is object 16, in that since April, 2012 in placement owned and originally as a blind pool investment Fund launched. The project development of all current objects amounts over EUR 750 million. Urban life with lots of nature the traffic service road Heschredder is located in a quiet residential area of Fuhlsbuttel. Predominantly detached houses dominate the landscape. The residential offers an attractive combination of urban life and nature. The mill pond and the Alster hiking trail are not far away and thus provide a high recreation and leisure value. At the same time convinced the situation through attractive local facilities as well as schools and kindergartens. The site is also connected to the public transport network and has very good connections in the Hamburg city centre as to exceed regional road network. For more information,

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