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Hawking Know

Unfortunately, some Governments, spread confusion about the aliens policy, in order to get away from the truth, generate skeptics, when the answer the Master Jesus gave, there is everything in the Lord’s flock, as well as, within our species there is everything in human beings, the ethical, amoral, indifferent, whether educated or not these qualities areas we are evolving, we are learning, but despite the fact that we already have the concept of what is right, we still make mistakes taking knowledge. Also, our friends from other worlds, also pass through the same, or have gone through the same thing at some point (I mean the advanced ethically), advantage definitely in the majority of them two things give him: time since his appearance as a species in its world (almost in all cases of beings that visit us have an evolution many more older than us), and the second is the moment in which the beings took ethical concepts as the basis for its development, evolution and technology (change of consciousness).

This last can break many of the extraterrestrial beings who visit us that they are not even located a horizon associated with the feeling of their existence (preoccupation on the other hand, the concept of service), are backward morals and ethically, but technologically very advanced. In our case, the terrestrial human being, this Avaz much in technology, since greater motivation for technological development, is the war and the power (ego is the more large ballast that does not allow us to evolve), more not so by the man himself, therefore we are beings whose level aware of what ethics is still very low.We are Alcatraz. Stephen Hawking, the great physical English theorist, I already mention that We prepare for an encounter with the aliens, and be careful, precisely because of first intention we will not know if we will be dealing with morally advanced beings ethically or not. Corresponds to our politicians, scientists, philosophers, establish with whom we will be communicating, as it is each time, near a mass meeting with them, therefore giving the case to ask for help, ask those who are willing to give us a hand, not to take advantage of our weakness and ignorance. Readiness. We take the decision (free will) survive, we know what we have done wrong, correctional or ask ethical beings from outside aid, leave aside the ego, if we want to give us a chance to survive our mistakes of our species as the harm to our environment and to adopt as a way of life, worrying about the other, and once they take that path of evolution, and we understand, we will be able to help other species to evolve. We understand that many Governments will continue hiding the obvious, but you already know It is not so. We have never been alone in this created universe.

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