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The Future Of Cities

When we talk about major cities many things will come to head, but perhaps the first of all of them is just these big cities bursting with population of infrastructures in a brutal manner by all workplaces and neighbourhoods that have. Perhaps not a vision too bucolic, but is definitely the most usual. In addition, there is a very direct relationship between the most important rivers in the world and this whole series of really prominent cities of the world, be another way would not have so much emphasis on these aspects, and indeed, everything would be rather easy. It is curious as rivers have traditionally given life to all populations that have dear plant beside her to continue with her life. Therefore it is not surprising that for example the first cities in the world, because they were constructed between rivers, it isn’t funny if we think that small but with great nautical representation and a technology cores were rather flirtatious, in this sense, it is possible to relate these effects directly. Even so, these cities were not then the most populated cities in the world and therefore perhaps overwhelms thinking where arrived or where to stay that now if they do, similar to those that in the past could disappear they may do so if necessary. This should not concern us, since ultimately the future of big cities in the world does have a very direct relationship with the options that we personally want to have in our vital stage of development, therefore, far from being a concern to focus our energies in living every day.

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