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HOw to Confront Your Boss

3. Discuss rather than confront. If you criticize your boss, no react with emotion and become confrontational with them because that only creates more conflict. Instead, use as critical an issue for discussion on interests, goals and problem-solving and their advice. If they criticize your work, then that means that they have their own ideas on how they should work, so ask for his advice on how their work can be improved. 4.

Manage the manager. One source of conflict usually occurs when a group of employees has a manager of the new demands of the WHO that things work differently. These changes are usually reactionary in nature because the employees continue with their normal duties until the manager comes and criticizes the way you are doing. Instead of waiting for their criticism, take a proactive approach and be very clear from the beginning on how your boss wants things done so that there is no miscommunication later. There are many ways to complete a task and have a discussion about them at principle allows you to see things from their perspective and share their own with them. Know your tastes and preferences inside and out so you can avoid future criticisms. 5. Know that you can do little to change it. Being a difficult person is part of his personality and therefore it is very difficult if not impossible to change in a supervisor, so I do not think you can change how you act. Instead, change the way you view their behavior.

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