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However, this low-end models class (Ericsson K620i, 3.2 megapixel) is not so unassailable in price and quality are acceptable for your photos. In the format of 10×15, I confess, I could not tell the difference between the K620 and photos with the usual "Soap Kodak. So, to sum up the results. Cameras in mobile phones are becoming more high-tech, and soon will be able to compete with lower-level digital cameras take pictures in quality. Is it possible to predict the withdrawal into oblivion as the camera such? I think not, because the scope is still different. Digital camera – to take pictures, phone – so to speak. Also, so far peacefully coexist phones with MP3 playback and alone MP3 players.

One of the important arguments in favor of the camera is that it is always with you. At parties, on the street, at home, while traveling. Often the camera simply can not be at hand. And then the mobile phone always there to help. For example, you have a baby and want to take every movement, every moment captured forever. Or more prosaic situation – my wife calls a report about the last supper.

Or maybe you just wanted to build funny faces and send them to friends at the other end of the country or even the globe. Yes, almost nothing is impossible. Who needs a photo on your mobile, you ask. Controversial issue. Recall at least, with what skepticism at first perceived service SMS. How could anyone think that the ability to send her short text messages would be so in demand? Therefore, we will not jump to conclusions. After a letter from dear person with his kind smile would be nice in any capacity and resolution of the photos. The main disadvantage of built-in cameras has been low-grade optics, however, looking at the Samsung B600, scold optics language is no longer turns. The same can be said about the low quality pictures. Phones get rid of these disadvantages. Although high-quality images possible on top (and, accordingly, expensive models), acceptable quality provide aids and with 2-3 megapixel cameras. Therefore, in the near future, these disadvantages can be safely deleted. And the last. Rapidly evolving technology leave much room for imagination. Since we are operating numbers in the 10 MP, why not dream of automatic recognition of text using the camera? Such information could be entered in the notes or contacts. Or automatic correlation of a person with a contact in your phone book. Agree, user-friendly features. Recognition technology, there are photos of a man for a long time, but their use is limited until the security area. But this is only temporary. For, as already noted, almost no there was nothing impossible. So, summarizing all of the above. Cameras in mobile phones already confidently say "yes" to virtually all mobile phone manufacturers. And the development of this technology, only confirms growing demand for it. Of course, there is still a compromise on "quality-price", that is, stored value phone direct dependence on the quality of the performance of his camera. And even if the new models can be find a simple camera (1 megapixel, for example), the cost models (economy class, as is customary to express) a chance to find a good camera tends to zero. So on this day the main disadvantage of high-quality cameras is the price. The choice, of course, rests with the end user. As well as the right to use or not use the presence of the phone function. 'll Take, however, the courage and say: 'chambers to be! ", The rest you decide.

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