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How to Quit Smoking

Many wonder how to quit smoking? And I think it's hard, I have so many years I can not smoke, and very wrong. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. Quitting smoking is really easy, but how to quit, I'll tell you, but first Why does a person smokes. Let's start with the fact that nicotine in addition to negative effects on the body, acts upon it and positively, rather than on the body and the human brain. Nicotine when released into the blood of man, and, accordingly, to the brain, speeds up the brain (the so- say increases brain activity) and the brain perceives this activity as a positive impact. But in fact, nicotine is gradually slows down brain activity, and this gives us a new team, something we could smoke. Effects of nicotine, we can compare with a computer virus. Virus as well, if it enters the computer durit him and causing him harm, you say, not all viruses are harmful, the computer itself, but it is not.

They harm the user some sort of program, etc. And nicotine harms not only the brain, and throughout the body. What a body man, but suffers from it. On the computer to put the antivirus he defended the system and prevented viruses, and if they do enter the system he had treated or removed. So must every man put himself antivirus. The words put antivirus I mean: 1. You have to believe in themselves. And not in any way doubt themselves and their abilities.

Doubt mortgage failures. 2. You must know and understand that you do not want to smoke, it's your brain gives false (malicious commands) as virus.I you have to stop yourself and do not reach for a cigarette. (You will tell you it is easy to say so he would have tried, I tried and it turned out – easy when you believe, then we can move mountains and) PS. Do not try to distract yourself with food (candy, pechinyushki, etc.) will only be worse for your body, start plump up, just when you want to smoke, tell yourself, I do not smoke and I do not want it I durit own brain. (Do not confuse self-hypnosis with the belief of fraud, should not inspire, but to believe and then you could do it.) So I threw the same Although smoking 20 years, after 2-5 days you are less wakes pull to cigarettes. Perhaps many will disagree with me, where I am from a scientific point of view and not right, but it has helped some of my friends helped when I told them I had dropped kurit.Po that I wrote this article, can help to someone else. Please copying articles link to the site.

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