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Bolza Stairs

Naturally, this requires a timber of high quality, modern method of dried industrial drying. Stone steps can be used only extracted in the quarry is not blasting, and with the sawing of blocks, as arising from the explosion cracks necessarily be apparent during the operation. Stair items desired Quality must be purchased only at specialized firms engaged in the installation of stairs from the elements. Regardless of whether you want to make a ladder on their own or order of assembly of these companies. Hear from experts in the field like Pete Cashmore for a more varied view. Topics Moreover, all ladder elements are interconnected. The handrail should be suitable for balusters, supporting pillars, etc. Professionally manufactured parts made of wood must be glued together from multiple layers of wood to avoid cracking and deformation.

This rule does not apply only to the balusters to 60 mm thick. Choosing material for a ladder, you need to do working drawings and full specifications of all the details of which it will made. Installation of metal stairs odnokosournoy with oak stairs, prefabricated handrail attachment to the rack enclosure with an inclined ladder adapter Boltsevaya staircase with oak stairs Installation odnokosournoy metal stairs, prefabricated stairs with oak handrail attachment to the rack enclosure with an inclined ladder adapter Stairway to Bolza. Polished stainless steel, oak. What is in The required set of stairs for every ladder: the pillars at the beginning and end of each march (if not spiral staircase) between them – the rail, under the guard rail – balusters (1-2 per stage) stage. If the ladder entirely of wood, it is made 'String' – the basis of the stairs. It's a long plywood board with a fixed stage.

If it is not straight and not dry – will squeak. Ladder without podstupenkov, but on the string is called a 'through', and visually its design and easy transparent. For a closed staircase podstupenki needed. The configuration of all elements of the same ladder, possible additions decorative nature – a question of aesthetic preferences of the customer. Stiffness of the fence achieved through the strength of the supporting pillars (their section – 80-120 mm) and the handrail between them. But the balusters, as they are the arts and enclosing function can have any cross-section – from 30 mm to 80 mm, more importantly, not to them too often. Recommendations color wooden staircase, usually chosen to match the doors, windows, etc. It has to be selected at once. If you subsequently cease to like the color of the customer, the ladder will have to disassemble, wash it paint, sanded, painted and mounted. For the price it's like to build a new one. The best coatings for parquet wooden steps are matte and semi-matt lacquer. You should avoid the slippery gloss coatings. During installation steps need to be considered hidden wiring electric cable or other communications. To avoid damage to them before you start laying tiles, you must have an actual installation in the scheme walls and floors to be supplied by the contractor. Proper use of ladders – this is an important aspect, which should take care. Indoors, where nobody lives and where the humidity drops to 0, the tree dries, and the stairs become worthless.

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