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Icons And Icons – There Are Similarities

There are similarities not only in the name. Connect with other leaders such as BDT Capital Partners here. Berlin may 27, 2011. Icons of our time are usually pop or film and television actor. Follow others, such as Bobby Sharma Bluestone, and add to your knowledge base. Currently, many would call Lady Gaga as a modern icon. Politicians are that in very rare cases.

Gandhi was also an icon, Martin Luther King, US President Obama was seen at the beginning of his tenure as an icon. Icons, could you define them, are so popular people, but can be also impressive things like automobiles or other popular technical devices. A Ford Mustang has become easy for many an automotive icon. The Macintosh was an icon in the computer world. Madonna is seen as fashionable style icon.

What do an icon and icons have in common? Icons are icons of a clear design language. A typical example might be the receiver. When Apple introduced its iPhone, a white handset was drawn on a green background layer. But not a modern phone design. Rather, an old handset was used. In a form, as he actually for years no longer built. However, over the decades, this handset was used with telephones with dials. He became a style icon and is now as icon used. For those who no longer have with it: At the time of the analog telephone technique, or when calls only when State monopolies (in Europe) was possible, there was no buttons but a dial. Classic design icons are therefore very often from classic style elements that are or were icons. Another example, also from an iPhone icon should be the mail icon. An envelope will be used here. The envelope each immediately becomes clear, which is to connect with the icon: the sending of letters. Instead of the post office, but via an E-Mail service. An icon is a good icon so always when signaled by the used style and design elements a clear and easily understandable message to the user. ICONIC fashion now uses the Designbotschaften to understand immediately as art work for his new basics Collections from streetwear. The collections contact the friends of smartphones with Android operating system or to the fans of the Apple iPhone. Since the icons are slightly different, there are two separate collections. Currently the designer T-Shirts, Polo shirts, sweaters and hoodies are on the website of iconic fashion: to order. More shops will take in the near future the innovative streetwear line of iconic fashion. In the stationary trade, there will also soon be ICONIC. When and where that learns you see. Good designer T-Shirts are rarely imaginative. The T-Shirts is of iconic fashion in each case to a great idea.

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