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Well, it would be best to always have a week with two complete copies outside the office, what I mean is that for example we do week 1 and week 2 copies but also supports clean, in the third week would take the holders would have the first and the second available in case … this will give us a fairly wide support. To all this we should add as many measures as are possible, that only certain staff can pick back up, cameras in the server room etc … this article does not try to give tips of actual use, I have tried to give some as I’ve been thinking about the main problems we have but do not work with this now so I shall take my hand and wait imagination not put a lot of the leg, every situation is different, each company works with its own system, there are persons responsible for safety and provided managers etc.

Usually have a problem, but security = less functionality and business functionality often puts security then we to tell us what would happen if tomorrow to get to his office ALL company information had gone beyond recovery? we may suffer a theft, then how are we going to recover the data? as well, if we had implemented as discussed in section 4 or section 5 or both, this will be a severe headache but there will of course lose data even if another company can access it. As we have seen many points that we should take into account, not everything happens for antivirus software and an ISA Server or IPCop or the backup software and devices used, if we can not physically protect certain parts Infrastructure backups or backups themselves and servers will remain extremely vulnerable to certain incidents, if it is true that it is more difficult to suffer the theft of the servers that we will we assess that it is better if the remedy or to any possibility of suffering the consequences of failing to remedy.

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