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The report provides an overview of conceptual frameworks, as well as of the practice of development, whereas daily events that comprise the experience of persons with respect to development. Presents some of the challenges and dilemmas of strategies provided with cultural sensitivity and suggests how it is possible to address them to engage in collaborative relationships. Culture, inherited patterns of meanings and explanations shared-, has an influence on the ways in which people lead their lives and provides the instrument to interpret their societies. Cultures affect the ways in which people think and act; but they do not produce uniformity of thought or behavior. Except in totalitarian ideologized and fanatical regimes that replaced the human reality by their delusions. Cultures influence on external circumstances, are influenced by these and change in response.

Cultures are not static; people modify them even if some aspects of culture continue to influence lifestyles for very long periods. It is dangerous to generalize and judge one culture on the basis of the norms and values of another culture. These simplifications can lead to assume that each Member of a culture thinks the same as the other members. This leaves aside one of the factors that drive cultural change: the multiple expressions of internal resistance, which transitions emerge. Progress towards equality between men and women is a good example of this process in operation.

Another danger is to emphasize both the intercultural dialogue that is mistakenly interpreted as acceptance of harmful traditional practices or ways to excuse failure to comply with universal standards of human rights. Values and practices that infringe human rights can be found in all cultures. To become involved in the cultural realities, it is possible to reveal the most effective ways of challenging harmful cultural practices and strengthen positive practices. Since it is an essential aspect in the lives of human beings, it is necessary to integrate culture into policies and development programmes; This report indicates how this process is applied in practice. Once again, the poet John Donne, light the effort as a challenge and spur because no person is an island, complete in itself. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM.

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