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During the visit, therefore the vehicle in critical should Bodies are examined. Evidence of water damage are stains, water marks on furniture and walls, musty smell, as well as cracked or defective silicone seals on Windows. A good dealer, suspected, measures the humidity. Josh harris may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Test drive reveals much about the State of the vehicle an extensive test drive. Prospective buyers should when a motor home on cold start behaviour, the power delivery as well as ride comfort and noise. Important radio and also a bumpy road, are used, so that sounds, signs of damage are is noticed.

A strong kick on the brake shows whether the brakes good access and delay evenly. Car hire good advise prospective customers with a proven vacation rental cars are. Here buyers receive plenty of facilities and quality at a very good price. InterCaravaning offers a variety of models from the rental. InterCaravaning CAMPER CHECK is for all who want to make sure the InterCaravaning CAMPER CHECK for highest quality and safety standards. With the rating system unique for the industry, the condition of a used motorhome or caravan on the basis of detailed test reports is determined by a master workshop and documented. For buyers, this means security and an optimum basis for decision-making. Locally, they get a list of 76 checkpoints, documenting the results.

Transparent and fair buyers can take a picture of the used vehicle. The CAMPER CHECK and the extensive range of services and guarantees offered nationwide all trading partners of the retail chain. One last tip: ensuring a bargain can also purchase from private, but missing the warranty. The buyer time and money must invest in the case unnecessary repairs. The retail chain InterCaravaning offers for all vehicles, whether new or used, a comprehensive guarantee, as well as a number of guarantees. For buyers, with their desired vehicle the Court of InterCaravnaing dealer’s left, are quality and best prices guaranteed. They ensure, inter alia, the CAMPER CHECK and the best price guarantee. And if contrary to expectations but something is wrong, help nationwide over 30 workshops. For further inquiries, as well as printable image material, contact the press office: Dr. Garrity GmbH Mr. David Liniany Tel.: 0221-788708-12 E-Mail:

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