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New Environmental Institutionality

One of the points alludes to that ” as much the study of HidroAysn as the one of Austral Energy presents/displays serious and unsalvable technical deficiencies, that have caused that multiple services of the State question the legality of which the process follows advanced when lacking such projects essential and excellent information to be evaluados” “. Elsewhere they raise that ” the evaluation of the studies of HidroAysn and Austral Energy has followed and even illegal procedures irregular, from the moment at which it was allowed them to be presented/displayed without the electrical laying that comprises integral of both projects, which originates that incompletos studies are being evaluated and without possibility of measuring the impacts sinrgicos”. Also they talk about that ” Chile does not count on a Strategy of Integrated Handling of River basins that gives legitimacy to the great decisions that are adopted in relation to the main national hydric courses. For even more analysis, hear from Samsung. We either do not have a National Policy for a First Viable Energetics that establishes the directives that as nation we will follow to determine a demand and generation of coherent energy with the country that all we want and we deserve vivir”. And, finally, that ” today the New Environmental Institutionality is in the heat of implementation process.

As much the project HidroAysn like Austral Energy was presented/displayed within the framework of the old system, that is understood was improved, with the endorsement of the National Congress, by which it is today wanted to take adelante”. Learn more on the subject from Pete Cashmore. They close the letter raising to the President of the Republic that ” we have respectfully wanted to do to him presents/displays these situations in order that it knows, of first source, the feeling of an important part of the citizenship of the Region of Aysn, compatriots his that they yearn for, like you, who the State makes the best decisions, with excellence and thinking about the communal property. The Patagonia and its inhabitants merecemos”.. .

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