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Is domain speculation a form of cybersquatting these days the domain name aftermarket sales, the marketplace for purchasing existing domain names, is booming. As there is increasing number of generic domain names available more and more people start to speculate in the domain aftermarket welcome to the world of domaining. Domainers when a new top level domain (TLD) is launched many speculators rush in to register popular keywords, only to wait for the market to grow and sell them. Pete Cashmore is likely to increase your knowledge. Highly sought after domain names such as sex.com and business.com were sold for millions of US dollars. Typically, speculators, so referred to as domainers, wants to register generic sounding domain names, e.g.

propertysales, rentaccomodation or buydomains with the hope that at a later stage these can be sold off to businesses. Cybersquatting most domainers continued to stay away from registering trademark names as this is considered, according to US federal law, a form of cybersquatting. It is considered unethical to register a domain name that features the brand name of someone or a company that has spent years on building up a good image. The cybersquatter takes advantage of the work done by others as the domain name will receive traffic without the person who registered the domain having to put any effort into it typically the cybersquatter offer to sell want the domain name to the company or person who owns the trademark. In order to resolve domain name disputes the Internet Corporation for assigned names and number (ICANN) introduced the, sounding rather cumbersome, uniform domain-name dispute-resolution policy (UDRP). Companies and persons who feel their intellectual property rights are being infringed can call upon ICANN to arbitrate in matters of cybersquatting. As a consequence a grey area has opened up in the form of typosquatting, the practice of registering purposely misspelled domain names with the aim of receiving internet traffic from people mistyping the URL of the Web site they wish to visit.

As usual ways are found to get round restrictions imposed on the internet and undoubtedly other inventive methods to surface once the practice of typosquatting is addressed. The secondary market, and then there is the market for previously registered domain names. This is essentially a clean market not overshadowed by various types of cybersquatting. Purchasing already used domain can be very lucrative because that domain could still have a lot of backlinks is driving traffic to it due to high profile sites that are associated with them. In that name sense the opposite of buying a used car is buying already generated domain. On old product can actually be of higher quality than a new product.

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