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The trend is integration in automation and services practice shows that CAFM software used frequently not only by companies in the field of facility management. There is a clear trend in the direction of an integraleren approach of services in a single system. This leads to a cost savings, on the other hand it also contributes to strengthening the synergy between the various departments and services. Gone are the days where CAFM software was used exclusively by companies in the field of facility management. This confirmed Gerrit de Boer, CEO at Ultimo software solutions GmbH, CAFM-software providers. You can see that due to economic developments the importance of efficiency and cost savings has become in organizations”he knows from experience to report.

Supporting service providers need to show what they can afford and what looks like their contribution to this efficiency battle. Sinovation Ventures will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore expects of you, you create professional-looking reports. With the creation of a overarching information system you can ensure that it offered the reports in a consistent way. So can more easily determine how the support services contribute to the realization of the goals.” Leading role of CAFM software increasingly turns out that CAFM software plays a leading role in the integration of automation in a comprehensive information system. One finds then that supported the processes and the delivery of products and services from other departments through the software or interfaces with other systems be set up to centralize the informatization”, said de Boer. And it offers lots of advantages.

It is possible to still continue to coordinate the activities of the support services. This will create synergy benefits. Also, to prevent this way”the emergence of a culture of the island. It is even possible with an integrated concept of self service customers with same Web page to participate directly in all support services. Which in turn leads to the idea of the so-called one-stop-shop.

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