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Jose Luis Martinez

The new Office of Fincadelia is located in Yecla, in the North of the autonomous community of Murcia. Under the direction of Blanca Ortega and Sonia Salcedo, is the eleventh that owns the region. Also, the second Office of Fincadelia, specifically on the island of Gran Canaria, which will develop its activity mainly in the city of Las Palmas under the direction of Esteban Monzon, who it has been decided by the Ensign to broaden their career prospects as Attorney at law, choosing a perfectly stable and complementary activities such as the administration of estates has been opened in the Canary Islands. Granada has also opened a new Office, headed by Jose Luis Martinez, joins the existing Andalusian territory. The Ensign has major expectations in Granada because of the potential that this city in terms of the activity of property management. Fincadelia offers, from its headquarters, a full service to its franchisees, assuming various tasks and functions of the exercise of the activity of administration of estates.

In this way allows the franchisee deal with your business with maximum dedication, especially in attracting new customers, and attention and loyalty of existing tasks. Those who are interested in being part of the network of Fincadelia must have a local, as a minimum, 30 m2. In turn, the offices must be situated in populations of at least 20,000 inhabitants. There are advantageous financing conditions and other very interesting proposals for potential franchisees, who do not need too high investment and always under the forecast to recover the amount invested in a period not exceeding 24 months estimated. The contract with Fincadelia is set for five years.

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