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(2) Out of cash-the forecast of expenditures by category helps to prioritize expenditures, and display those that have to be made in cash, as those purchases were made on credit and who have to settle in a given period, recalling that the inflation index, interest by financing rates, and the exchange rate factors preponderant when making decisions on disbursements, for the cost of money. (3) Determination of the flow of cash-income less expenses of each week, month, or year have influence to the beginning balance for the next period, however, the skill with which expect to generate income and cash disbursement will impact in your cash balance to generate liquidity without cost. Speed and quantity in the handling of money, are principles that act as devices when making decisions, which is required for its management skills and knowledge. QUANTITY entries prime principle always that possible entries of cash between strategies must increase to recommended: increase sales volume, in relation to its cost-benefit increase the sales price in relation to the degree of elasticity of their demand improve the sales mix (driving of higher contribution margin) to eliminate discounts that could not contribute to its profitability set a stratification of the artera of clients and permanent control. Make goods low motion, the waste and unnecessary to the business. CANTIDAD-SALIDAS second principle wherever possible you should decrease outputs of money among the strategies recommended: pay commissions on collections not on sales. Negotiate better conditions (price reduction) with suppliers, reduce waste in the production and other activities of the company. Rent instead of buy doing things right the first time (lower costs of not having quality) creates in business, investing in productive assets focus on targets current customers.

SPEED – tickets third principle always that possible entries of cash between recommended strategies must be accelerated: ask for advances to customers shorten deadlines for credit – providing discounts for prompt payment offers advantage to regular customers. Chase when the band of cash payments are delayed the search for a maximum rotation of inventories, although the profit margin is lower. SPEED – outputs four principle always that possible is They must take the outputs of money between recommended strategies: the greatest possible deadlines to negotiate with providers. Purchase inventories and other assets at the time more close to when you will need to perform an Exchange with its products remember that cash flow is the result of their business decisions, so investments in assets on clients accounts receivable, inventory, fixed asset is stored money here then, that in finance there is the aphorism that says: When you go to apply for a loan to the Bank seeks the money you have tied up in portfolio, inventories or other unproductive assets. Remember that cannot be managed what not known strategies to manage cash flow: original author and source of the article.

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