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To achieve the best competitive position, the time management must be supplemented by supply management the rapid changes of the markets require a continuous reduction of the responsiveness of companies. Similarly, the procurement markets evolve: they must therefore constantly tracked. This means the partnership including of selected suppliers at a high confidence level in the business process. Unused, hidden potential for improvement of lead time can be realized. Short-term gains have been realized in the past without taking into account the business environment.

They recognized by time based management / total quality management (TBM/TQM) potential for improvement were realized with the redesign of relationships between customers and companies. Very quickly the gap in the relationship between suppliers and companies is revealed in these improvements. This is to include supply management (SM). The procurement process is insufficiently integrated into the business process are time-consuming and others Iteration steps with suppliers result. Questions and their investigations are sources of time losses and increase therefore couchette and turnaround times. Insufficiently coordinated business processes lead to long procurement times.

Non-value-adding activities at all stages of the process are largely removed by the conscious involvement of suppliers in the business process. An important prerequisite is the mutual coordination and acceptance processes. Short communication channels promoting the direct exchange of information and a targeted transfer of know-how. See, e.g., Becker, Jorg: Management cockpit of the intellectual capital report, ISBN 9783837046540. reduction of the diversity of interests: depending on the degree of collaboration between companies and suppliers whose corporate objectives diverge. Common objectives can be achieved only on the basis of balanced interests. This is a reduction in the diversity of interests to the result. Number of suppliers: a reduction in the number of suppliers is a prerequisite for the simplification of the procurement processes. Lead time: the procurement process has a direct, decisive influence on the cycle time. Reduction of procurement times include great potentials. CF., Becker, j.: strategy check, ISBN 9783837073058, cf. Becker, Jorg: change management and intellectual capital report ISBN 9783837094190. Because the analysis and assessment of the supplier under the cooperation policy not only once during the supplier selection occurs, but is used at all stages of cooperation as the basis of cooperation management, appropriate controlling tools in the field of the knowledge balance are required. Together, the study of supply strategies, as well as the basic performance program brings more premises of cooperation on the part of the supplier in a clear form. Here are the relevant cooperation capacities and potentials of the supplier in the foreground.

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