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Whiteness Category

Appears in modern offices equipment for printing and copying demands new requirements for quality office paper. Using low-quality paper at work leads to damage of expensive equipment due to contamination of the mechanical parts of the paper dust. The paper for copying and duplicating equipment presented a number of requirements: – sufficient mechanical strength in the implementation of the press and continued use – the uniformity of thickness and structure paper – the moisture content within 4,2-4,7%; – match the geometric shape and size standards; – nezasorennost (for 1m2 of paper should not exceed 0.5 mm2 specks). In addition, there are requirements for the degree of whiteness and content tar paper: in the process of printing sheets are heated and resin evaporation can significantly damage the computer equipment. In this regard, office paper is divided into three main categories: A, B and C. The other grades of paper are writing, and work on office equipment is not suitable.

Category A is given by the premium carbon paper. It is homogeneous, contains no tar substances and has a high degree of whiteness of 95-98%. This paper is used for all kinds office and provides excellent results both in unilateral and bilateral with copying or printing. On paper, the category A works any, even the most capricious equipment. Category B – the most spread, suitable for most printing technologies.

It is convenient to print and copy the basic documentation office. Not "upper class", but with the technique of conflict usually arise. Whiteness Category B from 92 to 95%. Category C – paper with a minimum set of characteristics that guarantee the efficiency of office equipment. It usually print a "rough" documents, quality requirements are low. Index a white paper does not exceed 92%. How to store office paper. Office paper is sold in packs of 500 sheets, and these in turn packed in hard cardboard boxes that protect the corners and edges the strains. Such precautions are not random: only nezamyatymi sheet printers and copiers will work without problems. Delivered to the office of the paper should be removed from the box and let it ripen in the "local" conditions. The optimum temperature and humidity in the room to store paper must comply with 19-23 C and 45-55%. Winter to adapt to the conditions of office will take about three days, and summer, in dry weather, to print, you can begin the next day. Proper storage of printing paper serves as a guarantee of success in working with office equipment. Otherwise, problems can arise even with the production of well-known, proven time brands.

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