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Despacho de Contadores Publicos support strategic to increase utilities El Despacho de Contadores Publicos as fundamental support in the execution of strategy of reduction of costs and expenses. Strategies for reducing costs and expenses, fail because they execute partial or incorrectly, hence the importance complying phases intact from this project because it is adapted to the methodology of the firm of certified public accountants or as internal development of the organization. The first approach to a successful vision of strategy of reduction of costs and expenses, is to have the commitment of the Directorate-General, and is the most suitable in select the external consultancy, and is also the high direction which gives the vision of the design and execution of the project in clear and explicit terms in order to avoid deviations. If you decide to carry out the project with the support of a consulting firm, as part of an accounting firm, the direction of the Organization must be very careful in the selection, ensuring that really the signature account with sufficient experience in the implementation of this kind of projects, in other words going beyond a bookkeeper or tax expert. The 5 phases of the strategy to implement a project of reduction of costs and expenses in the Organization: commitment of senior management, a project of reduction of costs and expenses can be not only doomed to failure without the executive leadership, but it can cause a variety of risks that can jeopardize business operations and results in the organization.Whether the Organization to carry out the project with internal resources or with support from the external consultant the commitment that is perceived in the Organization of senior management will allow that in informal and formal aspects are perceived objectives and the reasons the strategy. The statements and terms used in the strategy must be clear and understood by all involved in the project.Sometimes I found that successful businesses they have grown on a well structured basis and with very good working environment.

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