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The Real Problem With MLM

It never ceases to amaze me the points of view strangers about the MLM market. Some are extremely passionate, and there are numerous famous authors such as Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Kiyosaki doing it and defending it. But still, in many circles, you want to declare you leper rather than reveal that you have an MLM business.So, what is the problem with the MLM business?Possibly it is the pyramid structure? Therefore your can think of it as a structure of compensation staggered almost all long organizations in the world use an equal. Sellers earn fees, El Jefe de ventas win bonuses, and so on up.Or perhaps the question is because you have to pay for participating? But that is not the case is a standard franchise model.And I assure you that the costs of a traditional franchise shrink in comparison to the costs of affiliation to an MLM business.Of course there are also illegal pyramids and other scams. This is where the money it comes from affiliated persons. With little or no product to be shipped. But despite any perception that you may have, the issue is that Amway, Herbalife, TNI, Agel, Usana and many others have sold million in products to millions of satisfied customers, many of them without being distributors, then there may be a problem of perception here, but if so, this perception is out of line with reality.But the bad reputation of the MLM is surely due to the resemblance to the illegality of the pyramid schemes? the real problem is that MLM business is not MLM in itself, but some people attract them, MLM businesses is simply a business model, and the truth is that they are an accumulation of micro-franquicias, who pay very little to start, with the exceptional earning potential, and there are those who reach all this.But these same things that make it attractive for some people also make it attractive to people who are not prepared to be owners of their own business Multilevel.

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