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Learning Languages

You set a goal – to learn a foreign language. You know why you need it. Either you want to communicate fluently in a foreign language, or maybe you need it to enhance your professional-level options may be many. When selecting methods, in most cases, you will find lots of options and techniques for studying your chosen language. This language courses, tutoring, computer software, textbooks, and tutorials. All this is very good, and probably quite effective methods, but how, if at all that you have little time? You've probably heard about the existence of a method of teaching foreign languages, which uses the effect of 25 fps, which promises stunning results in a relatively short period of time. It is tempting, right? Consider what is and what the basis for this method. Thus, the method of 25-th frame is positioned as one of the methods of influence on subconscious – in other words the method of suggestion.

It is based on the possibilities of perception of the human eye. If we look at the tv screen or monitor, our eyes perceive the image, duplicate 24 times in one second. What happens if any of the information placed in the 25 th or 26 th, and so on shots? Think about that, scientists and psychologists. So in 1957 James Waikerie – American psychologist – held in New Jersey experiment, which based on the use of 25-th frame. He lay in the fact that the 25-th frame were placed on two phrases: "Drink Coke" and "Eat popcorn".

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