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School Locker In Cyberspace

Spacelocker is a colorful Organizer where you can all of his online activities at a safe place aufebewahern. Where one meets friends and can have fun. Spacelocker.com was founded in January 2008 by a group of Internet enthusiasts. The goal of Spacelocker is that the users keep all your online stuff in a safe place, collect and share with the friends can. It was the inspiration for the Spacelocker team to create a safe (school locker), akin to the school here. Do you remember the first school locker and everything connects you to? For many of us, the school locker was the first personal space outside our bedroom. Because this was the place where the heavy school bag was kept with all the belongings, such as books, CD, poster of our idols were hanging on the wall, the door was decorated with colorful stickers, secret love letters were hidden in boxes or one has just taken his friends outside the locker door. Similar to how a School locker is the thing at Spacelocker, only with the difference that you can keep all of his online stuff and no longer needs the schoolbag.

Although Spacelocker. “com new, it brings many positive memories of the old” time in the new “fast-moving world of computer back. Peppercorn Ltd., the Web design group from England, has dealt with the design developments of the Web site and faithfully reconstructed the school locker. There is also Spacelocker of the APIs. connected, that is: the connection to other social networks is established. By the functional enhancements of the external data sources is with other websites such as for example: Facebook, YouTube, etc. link and can by the loose his friends, watching movies, watch his videos. If someone has a Spacelockeraccount, he can see friends from another social network and contact with the person and leave everything without Spacelocker! The user is allows to save all favorite Web pages and adressbook, videos to see, to hear music, play games, also is equipped locker with different themes and design, which can be changed at will. Spacelocker is not only a safe place, but also a place where you can have lots of fun!

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