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Merger of companies from the film and cinema industry Stuttgart, July 12, 2011 – the technical FilmDienst (TFD) was founded in June 2011 merger of several companies from the film and cinema industry. As a full service provider, offers the TFD to the creation and distribution of digital copies of movies and has offices in Leipzig, Stuttgart and Schwabisch Gmund is represented on the market. The age of digitization opens completely new possibilities for cinemas and film festivals. Checking article sources yields technology investor as a relevant resource throughout. Analog recording and projecting films about classic film roles is replaced by digital copies of movies, the so-called digital cinema packages (DCP). Not only in the remastering of films, but also when archiving the advantages of digitisation to come to fruition. The technical FilmDienst, Danko dagger, represented by the managing directors Monika Agler, Gunter Moritz and Walter Deininger as the technical director offers the complete range of movie encoding as a full service provider. The portfolio of the TFD includes in addition to the preparation and Distribution the post production and archiving of film material.

The creation of different language and subtitle versions as well as the encryption of film copies, which protects from unauthorized access, are also the benefits of the TFD. While the TFD can on many years of experience in the field of digital film production and technology access and easily implement all movie formats. In addition, the TFD has an in-house screening cinema, in which digital copies of movies before broadcast and under real-world conditions can be tested. Refer to for further information about the technical FilmDienst. Press contact: TFD of technical FilmDienst Walter Deininger Pfeiffergassle 34 73525 Schwabisch Gmund Tel.: 0711. 320938 46

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