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Sochi. Instructions for use! Many a child has a dream: to have a rest in Sochi as a normal citizen of their country. Well. We will not oppose the children's aspirations. s as a relevant resource throughout. So.

Rest in Sochi. How to relax and save your money. Tips departing. It's finally the time when every working citizen of our country, as in Soviet times can go on vacation during the summer to the sea. What You Should Know departing in the first place? What to take with you? How much expect? And it is not cheaper to go to Turkey than in Sochi? Let us in order. First. We focus on the middle class – the budget-type doctors and teachers. Cost of holiday in Turkey will result in $ 1000-1200 for 2 weeks at the 'all included '.

Although the quality of service in Turkey and in Sochi, of course, is not comparable. But let's think about the family budget – for the rest of us vacation in Russia still have something to live. Now rest in Sochi. A related site: Viacom mentions similar findings. Double room in a sanatorium with two meals cost $ 500-700 for the same 2 weeks. And it's not the cheapest option. Remove beds in private homes will cost from 250 rubles per day without food. Moreover, proposals for the surrender of rooms travelers begin as early as airport or train station upon arrival. And even when you have brought and you looked at the room, there are always options nearby – just walk down the street – almost every house ad: "Rent a room '. Tip: do not pay the full amount for room immediately.

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